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It's not how much we give, but how much love we put into giving"

- Mother Theresa


OSSI’s areas of work are Food, Education and Health

OSSI undertakes initiatives directly with underprivileged communities, primarily for children and elderly people.


In some cases, it partners with other NGOs for scale and reach.

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Underprivileged communities continue to feel the constraints around food, education, and health. And it is a vicious cycle where we must deal with short-term immediate needs of the communities around food and health, and at the same time stay focused on long-term impact by way of education.

Unless we break the cycle of poverty, communities will continue to struggle.



Both Ravi and Anchal have supported several social causes through various platforms over the last 10 years. Covid was a trigger for them to consolidate their efforts and add more vigor to it.

Thus, OSSI came in to being.

The name OSSI is dedicated to their parents,


O – Om

S  – Satish

S  – Santosh

I   – Indu    

And we are delighted that both our daughters Mitali and Khushi have wholeheartedly supported the setting up and initiatives of Ossi Foundation.   

OSSI also means a strong-willed girl.


Over the last few years, Mr. Ravi has been associated with our NGO, The Earth Saviours Foundation. The association has brought to light an opportunity to find likeminded people that put selfless services at the forefronts of their minds and hearts. Mr. Ravi is the perfect example of just that. His constant helping hand towards our NGO's mission has allowed me to recognise him as a figure of hope for all the abandoned senior citizens, mentally disabled people, and deprived females living in our Ashrams. 

His new mission, Ossi Foundation, has extremely pure hearted and selfless goals. We salute him for his dedication to the serve the needy. 

Rakhi Huda
The Earth Saviours Foundation | Gurugram 

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