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OSSI’s areas of work are Food, Education and Health.

  • Clothes - Your warmth……their dignity!

  • Food - Meals can go miles!

  • Education - Padhai help you fly!

About OSSI

OSSI undertakes initiatives directly with underprivileged communities, primarily for children and elderly people. In some cases, it partners with other NGOs for scale and reach.

Underprivileged communities continue to feel the constraints around food, education, and health. And it is a vicious cycle where we must deal with short-term immediate needs of the communities around food and health, and at the same time stay focused on long-term impact by way of education.


Unless we break the cycle of poverty, communities will continue to struggle.

Genesis of OSSI

Both Ravi and Anchal have supported several social causes through various platforms over the last 10 years. Covid was a trigger for them to consolidate their efforts and add more vigor to it.


Thus, OSSI came in to being. 

The name Ossi is dedicated to their parents, wherein -    

O – Om 
S – Satish 
S – Santosh 
I – Indu     

Ossi also means a strong-willed girl.

And we are delighted that both our daughters Mitali and Khushi have wholeheartedly supported the setting up and initiatives of Ossi Foundation.    

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OSSI Trustees

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Ravi Bhola
Founding and Managing Trustee 

Ravi is passionate about entrepreneurship and social work. As a partner at an Intellectual Property Law Firm, he has an entrepreneurial role since last 15 years and thoroughly enjoys it.


Lockdown during covid gave Ravi time to reflect and develop a structured approach to his social work initiatives, and thus Ossi was born. 

Anchal Bhola 
Founding Trustee 

Anchal is passionate about supporting the underprivileged. Her initiatives have been primarily around children.


In her earlier avatar, she has taught mathematics to school kids. 

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