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Ossi turns Two!

30th November 2023

On 30th Nov 2023, Ossi turned two. Its birth during Covid, is an outcome of reflection on, what our priorities in life should be.

Glad we as a family could keep the fire burning, even after two years, as the rigors of day-to-day life can often overpower things that matter the most in life.

So, to celebrate the b’day, we decided to distribute slice cakes to underprivileged kids. Bought 30 cakes from our favourite place “Carnival Cake” and spent few hours on a Saturday morning, meeting lovely kids in nearby communities and shared our joy with them.

Simple things like smile on a child’s face is almost always more pleasurable than everything else in life.

Later, we had our own little celebration at home with entire family. I often call Ossi my third child. So, really glad to see that my little one has started to take baby steps and growing.

Visit to Jyothi Seva Home for Blind Children

28th October 2023

On 28th Oct ’23, we visited Jyothi Seva Blind School at Venkateshpura.  It was our second visit to the Home and ultimately had the chance to meet Sister Clare. We were in touch over the calls but didn’t have the chance to meet her.

We made the donation for the infrastructure expansion at the home, as number of blind children at the home has gone up.

We spend about an hour there and met with several children. Their zeal for life and curiosity was infectious. Some of the kids we met were – Rahul, Ujjwal, Pettu, Shrikant, and Nitish. Rahul in particular was extrovert and social. He introduced us to his other friends. They all are of the age group of 7-8 years and studying in grade 1 or 2.

Some of them talked about their desire to drive car and go to swimming pool. Also, one of them called himself Iron-Man and another called himself, chota Singham.

It was so much joy to be with them and be a small part of their journey.

Ossi Initiative

19th August 2023

After a long hiatus, we took up food initiative in Aug ’23. Last few months were hectic, as family was busy with elder daughter Mitali’s college admission. She has Joined Christ University (Main campus – Hosur Road). So, we decided to have our next food donation around that area. We made some 30 food packets comprising fruits, cookies, and candies. We drove around that area and included HSR Layout and Koramangala to it. In couple of hours, we completed the initiative. Found several elderly homeless people and a few children.

Every time we conclude an initiative, we have these mixed emotions. One hand we have this sense of satisfaction of having done something, and on the other hand, we feel that so much more needs to be done. And that motivates us to plan our next initiatives.